“Providing a Central Hub for the assistance in the procurement and distribution of food during a State of Emergency and the immediate weeks that follow as families reestablish their food security.”

In March 2020, Former Mayor of the Town of Orange Park Connie Thomas presented a County wide feeding proposal to Impact Clay as an urgent project due to the recent Covid-19 Pandemic. The project was accepted by the Impact Clay Executive Round Table of community leaders and weekly meetings began to formulate ways to meet the immediate and impending food needs of Clay County. The project became Food for Clay County which ties together the needs of our local food pantries with disaster preparedness through our Emergency Management operations.

The goal of Food for Clay County will be to provide a central hub to recruit volunteers, solicit food donations and assist food banks as requested during a time of crisis.

Once a crisis diminishes, Food for Clay County will stand ready to support our local food pantries at their request. As food insecurity among families continues to grow, this local support network will remain a vital way to meet that need.

Please follow the “Food for Clay County” Facebook page to receive updates on events and food distributions throughout the county.

“Simply put, we’re a group of women who want to support our local not-for-profits. We’d love to see you join our effort!”

The 100 Who Care Alliance began in 2006 when Karen Dunigan of Jackson, Michigan, designed a simple and efficient way to support local charities. She gathered 100 women who each wrote a check for $100 directly to a charity. In one hour, that group raised $10,000, and the receiving charity was able to purchase 300 new baby cribs for their organization. Today, there are over 650 chapters established around the globe using the same model to make huge impacts in local communities.

Our Clay County chapter was launched in the Fall of 2020 by a group of women who desire to support the community by combining our donations to impact local not-for-profits. Collectively, we have the ability to impact our community in ways we never before thought possible.

We will gather 4 times a year, for one hour each time, to build relationships with local charities and support them financially. We’d love for you to join us!