Impact Clay helps our community meet the crucial social service needs of families, individuals, and children through collaborative projects.

Impact Clay links the private, public, nonprofit and faith-based sectors to proactively improve the community. We utilize representative from each sector and key policy makers supported by a Project Advisory Counsel. This forum:

  • provides a mechanism for dialogue and community problem solving

  • encourages shared decision making and shared accountability at the policy and implementation level

  • maximizes the use of available resources to execute and drive projects to conclusion

Our Mission

Inspiring collaboration that drives positive change.

Our Vision

Enhanced quality of life from having safety nets in place for all families in all situations.


According to a survey taken by Clay SafetyNet Alliance

of families feel there are not adequate resources in our community to serve children and families
of school personnel and direct service workers feel there is a lack of adequate funding and policies.
believe our community’s process for decision making and problem solving cannot be viewed as an infrastructure; it is dependent on individual personalities or positions.
believe there is no communication system that links all levels from the chief decision-makers to schools to families.
feel decision-makers are not comfortable being confronted with problems and not solutions.
of families, in our community, feel that they cannot adequately communicate with decision-makers


Who should be responsible to find solutions to countywide problems? Problems such as: affordable housing, unemployment, single parent childcare, transportation, hunger & nutrition, disaster relief, and so much more. Such a large task becomes impossible for any one government or organization, and the reality is — it take us ALL to solve the issues faced by our community!

It takes efforts by each sector in our community:

  • Private Sector (Business)

  • Non-Profit Sector (Social Services)

  • Public Sector (Government)

  • Faith-Based Sector (Churches)

We’ve already been able to bring County stakeholders together, assessed community needs, and received an abundance of quantified data from the County! Incredibly, all of the work to-date has been done with volunteers! If you are apart of one these sectors and feel you can contribute in some way, we want to hear from you!


No one organization or government can take on these projects alone.

  • Suggest a Champion

A champion is an individual who uses resources within or outside Impact Clay for completion of a project. He/She is chosen by the Board to ensure support and supervision of a project from its initiation phase to its execution phase.

  • Recommend Team Members

Executive Round Table is comprised of 4 sectors: private, nonprofit, public and faith-based and provides a mechanism for dialogue and community problem-solving, ensuring successful collaborative efforts.

Project Advisory Council is comprised of program administrators and others with the expertise in planning, funding, and providing services for children and families. The Council stimulates change at the policy and direct service level by sharing information, identifying issues, data gathering and analysis, recommending solutions, and implementing projects.

  • Share With Others

Share with others the opportunity to be a part of what we are doing in Clay County. We aren’t competing for the funding others already receive, we are looking to make community partners and make a difference!